It is common for a Little League® to generate interest from the local media, family, and friends wanting to chronicle league games and activities using still photography or video.

Below are a few questions and answers that a District Staff and local Board of Directors should be aware of and may consider discussing as part of its policies.

How can we keep our constituents informed about our league activities via the Internet?

Use your website as the main tool to keep all volunteers, parents, and the general public including media updated.

Are still pictures allowed to be posted online?

Yes. A local league can post pictures of league activities – including games. Before taking any photos that involve children, parents must provide written consent. Little League has a general form release and waiver (formerly model release) form that local leagues can use to gather this permission.

Is a professional media/news outlet (for example: newspaper, radio, television) permitted to record video of game, practice or other league activity?

Yes. Any news outlet may record video for use with a news story without prior authorization. It is the responsibility of the local league and/or tournament director to designate where the media may position a camera(s). Any interviews involving children must be conducted with an adult present (for example: parent, manager, coach, or league official).

Can a parent or other non-professional photographer or videographer take pictures or produce video recordings during a regular-season or tournament game and then solicit sales of the images or footage?

No person or commercial entity is permitted to photograph any league activities for the purpose of retail sale distribution without the expressed written permission of the local league. In the case of video production, permission must be granted in writing by Little League International. If a league wishes to establish a contractual agreement with a professional photographer to sell team or action photography, it may do so. Public notice of such agreements is required prior to the photographer and/or videographer making any imagery available for purchase.

What rights does a league or district have to control the access to non-news media and/or commercial photographers and videographers at a game site?

If the field facility is private property owned by the league or district, it is within the property owner’s rights to restrict any and all access. If the field facility is located in a public or municipal park, it is the responsibility of the property owner to determine the access. If necessary, any local league official has the ability to review and explain the guidelines set forth by Little League International regarding the appearance of Little Leagues® in the media. This information is available on the Little League website under the Media section.

How can I stay updated about information and news from Little League?

Visit and regularly. Each month, Little League International produces a series of e-newsletters and e-mails that are delivered directly to your inbox. For local leagues – the Little League Notebook – is sent via e-mail and produced specifically for league officials, and offers information about best practices, along with ideas and insight on how to effectively and efficiently operate your league. Little League also connects, entertains, and informs followers through its social media endeavors (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).