One: Grip

Image 5Each player will take a bat. Place both hands out flat and lay the bat
at the base of the fingers. Lightly wrap your fingers around the bat.
This grip will align the players knuckles. The knuckles can be in a
straight line or slightly shifted either way. (Fig. 3.1)

Two: Stance

Have the players get into an athletic position with knees bent slightly
and shoulder width apart. There should be more weight on the back
foot, with the weight distribution being about 40 percent on the front
food and 60 on the back foot. (Fig. 3.2)

 Three: Coverage

The bat needs to cover the entire plate. Have the player get in their
stance; place the bat at the corner of the plate closest to the catcher.
You want to make sure that your stance allows you to have complete
plate coverage, so you can hit the outside pitch. (Fig. 3.3)