The Little League® Data Center is the online repository of all local league information for Little League Baseball and Softball. This video is designed to familiarize local league and district officials with the chartering and insurance enrollment process.

All leagues are required to complete their annual charter application and insurance enrollment form through the Data Center.

Once chartered, leagues will have the option to view their current charter status and to submit changes to the number of teams chartered in any division through the Data Center.

Changes submitted will update to the league’s charter within 24 hours of submission.

Your league and district is reminded that before chartering, it is critical to log into the Little League Data Center to update your officers, review current team information, and verify your website URL.

League Information Needed to Charter

Review the league officers; as well as the charter and the participation information that was included in the current charter. If there are any changes expected regarding player and team totals, additional divisions of play, and other adjustments of note, be sure to log into the Data Center, then update as registration is conducted. Please note that there is a separate process for combined teams and interleague play requests.

Importance of Accurate Team Numbers

To help to verify the number players and teams that take the field during the regular season, it is important to use accurate numbers during the chartering process. If your league needs to charter before holding its registration, it’s important to make sure that any adjustments to projected team numbers be made to the charter. Having accurate team numbers will help provide better information for insurance coverage, as well as assist in Little League’s continued efforts to provide support for all divisions of play within the Little League program.

Charter in Time to Maintain Insurance Coverage for the Coming Season

If your league utilized the AIG group insurance program through Little League for the previous season, please remember that those policies will expire as of 12:00 a.m. on January 1 of the ensuing year. It’s important to have your charter approved, as well as your insurance renewed and paid in time for any of your league’s activities that will take place after January 1, of the coming year.

Little League Resource Guide

Local leagues receive a Local League Resource Guide that is inspired by the Year in the Life of Hometown Little League (YLHLL). The YLHLL booklet has been retired and is no longer published, but the year-round, month-to-month concepts and operational guidance gleaned from the publication are evident throughout the Resource Guide. Standard mail delivery of the Little League Resource Guide goes to the League President’s mailing address, once your league has updated its officers through the Data Center.

Individuals in need of additional assistance or support for, are asked to contact Little League Support; or call 570-326-1921, ext. 2800.