School is out, summer is here, and leagues are wrapping-up what was hopefully a fun, successful season. While your Little Leaguer® may have handed in his or her jersey, there’s still plenty of baseball and softball activities left. As you put together your summer to-do list, consider some of these off-season ideas that are sure to provide some extra fun.

Get Outside

Head to the backyard or park, and do some creative baseball and softball drills. Take a racquet and tennis balls and hit sky-high pop-ups to your Little Leaguer and his or her friends. Have batting practice with water balloons. Wet down some plastic sheeting, and practice sliding. Take a large empty water container, place it on a table, and pick spots in the yard to throw from. Have a fun contest on who can knock over the container the most. Kids love when their parents participate in something they love. So, have your Little Leaguer hit groundballs, and have them instruct you on proper fielding techniques. Kids will get a kick out of watching mom or dad attempt a backhand or scoop.

Second Season – Summer and Fall Ball Program

Little League’s Fall Ball gives parents, kids, and leagues a great opportunity to lengthen the season and provide additional fun and training. Leagues may choose to run several extra programs including summer ball, fall ball, and Special Games. To set up these great opportunities, parents should first contact their local league’s Board of Directors.

Try Something New

Little League believes in developing well-rounded children, and that means incorporating activities and hobbies that extend far beyond baseball and softball. Summer is a great time for Little Leaguers to try a different sport and develop other interests. Perhaps this summer is the season for your child to try basketball, tennis, golf, or swimming. Want to give your Little Leaguer a break from sports? Then, maybe it’s time for them to learn some chords on the guitar or tickle the ivories.

Watch the Little League World Series Tournaments

Little League has nine World Series Tournaments, starting with the Big League Baseball Tournament in late July, and culminating with the Little League Baseball® World Series in late August in Williamsport. In between are softball and baseball tournaments played from teams from all corners of the globe. Many of these games will be televised by ESPN and its family of networks. Kick back, grab some popcorn, and watch these exciting contests with your Little Leaguer. Check out for the complete schedule, results, and more.

Get Your Hands Dirty

It’s never too early to begin preparing for the next season. As most Little League parents know, operating a local league takes a strong effort from a community of volunteers. While most of the heavy lift is often done by adult volunteers, Little Leaguers themselves should chip in. Support your league by taking the family to the field to do some post-season clean-up. It offers the chance for some solid parent/child interaction while at the same time it teaches kids the importance of working hard and volunteering. After the clean-up is done, be sure to reward the work with a cool treat.

Have a fun, and safe summer!