On a warm summer day, kids are always excited to play in the water. With the spritz of a garden hose, and a plastic tarp, you can provide some fun while also teaching them an important skill – sliding. Be sure to thoroughly wet down the tarp, and keep the water flowing. Use the fun drill below to teach your Little Leaguer® proper sliding techniques.

Step One: Ready to Run

Sliding - Step 1

Keep your eyes forward, making sure to run with intentions to slide.

Step Two: Prepare to Slide

Sliding - Step 2

When bracing for a slide, make sure to lead with your feet and have your hands up.

Step Three: Figure Four

Sliding - Step 3

The basic sliding technique is a figure 4. When your feet it the ground turn your right foot in and keep the core muscles tight and hands in the air. This will help to prevent injury.

If you are sliding directly into the base you should end up in the same position you see in picture 3.

Remember, in Little League® it is illegal to slide head first, unless sliding back to a base.

Key Points to Focus On

  1. Keep your eyes looking forward
  2. Hand up when bracing for a slide
  3. Fee first, hands up, and tight core

Do not slide head first in this drill. Parents or coaches must be present when practicing this drill.