Preparing for the season includes the administrative responsibilities associated with operating your local league. Among these tasks are chartering for the coming season; election of the Board of Directors to oversee operation of the league; reviewing and revising your local league bylaws; purchasing insurance coverage and ASAP program implementation; background checks; and budget development.

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    Annual Meeting

    Discuss key issues, distribute important information, and vote on new board members.
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    Fiscal Year End

    Ensure fiscal awareness, accountability, and transparency for your league or district.
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    Registration & Recruitment

    Registration is a critical time to make sure your league activities get underway the right way.
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    Chartering & Insurance

    Leagues are required to charter and insure all participating teams annually.
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An important part of keeping volunteers engaged and motivated is recognizing their efforts throughout the year. Whether your league holds a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony or creates special pins and other tokens of appreciation, consider creating opportunities to recognize and thank your volunteers.

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    Sponsorship & Fundraising

    It is the responsibility of each local league to develop an annual plan for fundraising.
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    A Little League uniform is one of the most meaningful items your league will purchase.
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    Background Checks

    Little League® places the highest value on the safety of all participants within the program.
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    Tryouts & Drafts

    All local programs are required to assign players to teams via a draft.
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    Selection & Training

    The local Board of Directors develops and implements the structure of each division.
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Fundraising For Your Local League

It is the responsibility of each local Little League® to develop an annual plan for fundraising. Such fundraising efforts should consider the necessary operating budget of the local league, income sources, and ongoing support from community and city groups and businesses.

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