Southeast Region Umpires

The Little League Southeast Region Umpire Program, led by the Region’s Volunteer Staff, provides training, education and resources to Little League umpires located throughout the eight-state region. Umpires can attend various events annually to improve and hone their skills, with a guarantee to learn something new each time they attend. The Region also offers a points program for those attending events as well as an alumni association for umpires appointed to past Southeast and Southern Region Tournaments.

Alumni Association

Southeast Region Umpire Events

Volunteer Umpire Staff

  • Rich Ealy

    • Years Active: Over 37 years
    • Occupation: Senior Executive Assistant / Security Manager
    • Hometown: Madison, FL
    • Current Location: Fredericksburg, VA
    • Regional Tournaments: 1998 Little League Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2001 Little League Baseball World Series
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “Madison Little League was short on umpires and my dad, a board member of the league and umpire-in-chief, asked me to help out.  Being a big baseball player and fan, I decided to give it a try and now here I am over 37 years later still having fun.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “The opportunity to work with an outstanding Southeastern Region Umpire Staff.  Being an instructor has allowed me to meet and help develop many umpires so they can reach their dream of umpiring at a World Series.  It’s a joy to see umpires achieve their dream of umpiring at a World Series and to hear the great time they had.  This is what it is all about, working hard to reach a dream and having fun once you are there.  At every umpire school, clinic, roadshow, I look forward to meeting so many old friends and making new friends.”
    • About Me: Married to Sheryl.  Two daughters (Sharon and Tamisha) and seven grandchildren who resides in Florida.
  • Mike Galiano

    • Years Active: 38 years
    • Occupation: Service Technician, AT&T
    • Hometown: Elmsford, NY
    • Current Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • Regional Tournaments: 1992 Big League Baseball, 2000 Big League Baseball, 2003 Little League Baseball, 2014 Intermediate (50/70) Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 1996 Big League Baseball, 2009 Little League Baseball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “I was at a local Little League game with my girlfriend (now wife) watching her younger brother play. They were short an umpire in the game and asked if I would do it, after that I never left.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “I enjoy working with other umpires in the region to try to improve and make all of us in our Region better umpires and volunteers. It is great to be able to help an umpire and see them succeed. I also enjoy being a Staff member because as a group we have all become greatest friends. I have also been able to learn a great deal from them.”
    • About Me: “I am married to Andrea (also an umpire), I have three grown children Krizten, Michael and Alexis, all who played in the Little League Baseball and Softball program.”
  • Brian Henry

    • Years Active: 24 years
    • Occupation: Association Management
    • Hometown: North Lewisburg, OH
    • Current Location: Lakemont, GA
    • Regional Tournaments: 2002 Junior League Baseball, 2012 Little League Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2007 Junior League Baseball, 2016 Little League Baseball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “Local league was in need, (I) decided to give it a try”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “Teaching and relationships. Being on staff allows the ability to not only teach and watch umpires develop, but to also form those lasting relationships with other umpires throughout the Region and the World.”
    • About Me: Married to Christine, 29 years. Children: Ethan, Allie, and Audrey
  • Bryan Horne

    • Years Active: 2004 – present
    • Occupation: IT Clinical Application Analyst for Hospital System
    • Hometown: Blountville, TN
    • Current Location: Blountville, TN
    • Regional Tournaments: 2007 Big League Baseball, 2012 Little League Baseball, 2014 Junior League Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2010 Big League Baseball, 2017 Little League Baseball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “(I) became involved when son started playing.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “Knowing that I may have in some way contributed to someone becoming a better umpire.”
  • Mark Sitterly

    • Years Active: 20 years
    • Occupation: Branch Manager, AVI Food Systems
    • Hometown: Canajoharie, NY
    • Current Location: Greenville, SC
    • Regional Tournaments: 2008 Little League Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2011 Little League Baseball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “My son started playing in the program and they needed help. I started out coaching and moved into umpiring as well.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “Helping other umpires improve on their skills and achieve their goals is very gratifying for me. The friendships that I have made and continue to make as a staff member will last a lifetime. Being able to work with my fellow staff members and the entire Southeast region Little League staff is a blessing.”
    • About Me: “I have a very loving and supportive family. My wife Sherry and children Nik and Alyssa are my world and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors hunting and fishing.”
  • Eddie Smith

    • Years Active: 22 years
    • Occupation: Retired
    • Hometown: Vineland, NJ
    • Current Location: Winter Garden, FL
    • Regional Tournaments: 2004 Big League Baseball, 2005 Little League Baseball, 2006 Little League Softball, 2012 Junior League Softball, 2014 Senior League Softball, 2016 Senior League Baseball, 2021 Little League Baseball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2008 Big League Baseball, 2017 Junior League Softball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “My kids wanted to play ball and the clear choice was Little League.Little League provided me with the opportunity to coach my kids and and other kids the game of baseball and softball.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “Passing along the experience and knowledge that I have acquired as a volunteer umpire. Also, being part of a group that’s soul purpose is to help the Little League volunteer umpire achieve their goals.”
    • About Me: Married to wife, Terri for 41 years with two children, Sean and Tara and have two grandchildren. “(I am) honored to be part of an organization that brings individuals from all walks of life for a common goal, to make the game enjoyable for the kids.”
  • Doug Durling

    • Years Active: 17 years
    • Occupation: Landscaper
    • Hometown: Kingston, NH
    • Current Location: Davenport, FL
    • Regional Tournaments:2013 Junior League Baseball, 2016 Little League Softball, 2017 Senior League Softball
    • World Series Tournaments: 2022 Little League Softball
    • Why Did I Get Involved with Little League?: “In May of 1980, the Kingston Astros were playing the Kingston Tigers in the town championship game.  In the fourth inning, Kelly Ahlman got up and crushed a pitch into left field.  The nine year old outfielder for the Tigers (yes, it was me) got a good jump on the ball, and, moving to his left, got under it and made the catch!
      I remember the crowd, including people I didn’t even know, cheering for me.  I have never forgotten that feeling, it was like I was 15 feet tall!  So when my kids were young, I made sure to get them involved in Little League.  And when they aged out (they are now 25 and 23 years old), I continued helping with the program.  If I can help facilitate other kids to share that same type of experience, I think that’s a pretty good use of my time.  This is what organized youth sports will do for everyone involved; it provides rewards that cannot be purchased or replicated anywhere else.”
    • Why Do I Enjoy About Being a Staff Member?: “What I enjoy about being a staff member is very similar to why I remain dedicated to Little League.  I had a great Regional Tournament as an umpire in 2017.  I was picked for the plate in the championship game.  Once again, I felt 15 feet tall!  And if I can help other umpires to share that feeling, well, that also seems like a pretty good use of my time.”

Golden Mask Award

The Golden Mask Award, a part of the Southeast Region Awards Program, is presented annually to a volunteer Little League umpire for his/her outstanding service to Little League Baseball and Softball programs across the Region.

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Alumni Association

The Southeast Region Umpire Alumni Association is for any umpire that was selected to any level of a Southern (pre-2003) or Southeast Baseball or Softball Region Tournament. There is NO FEE to join the association, but individuals must apply. The association focus is to recognize and form a brotherhood and sisterhood of volunteer umpires who have been a part of a Southern or Southeast Regional Tournament.

After application and approval, SRUAA members will receive an Association patch and membership card (with membership number) in the mail. Additionally members will be eligible for a 10% discount to attend the Rules Seminar, Two-Umpire Mechanics Clinic, Four-Umpire Mechanics Clinic and Umpire Instructor Workshop held at the Region Headquarters. Membership number must be entered during registration.

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