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Religion and Little League

Operating Policies and Position Statements

Little League® International respects the rights of any individual to practice any religion they choose, or to choose not to practice a religion.

Membership as a player, volunteer, or employee in any level of Little League must not be subject to any religious test. The Rules, Regulations, and Policies of Little League cannot be altered to suit a particular religious view or practice.

There are many specific religious holy days, Sabbaths, etc., throughout the calendar that are not commonly observed in all areas of the U.S., but are very common in some parts of the country and world. Little League is now played in dozens of countries on six continents, and does not recognize or elevate any one specific religion above others.

For that reason, Little League now places such decisions in the hands of the local Little League Board of Directors or District. For instance, the local league or District may, if they so choose, schedule or re-schedule games to accommodate those of a particular religion – but they are not required to do so.

It also must be understood that tournaments involving players from widely dispersed communities are not required to alter schedules to accommodate persons of a particular religion. If those of a particular faith do not wish to participate on a specific day during which the teams is scheduled to play, those players will not be forced to play. But if the team cannot field enough players willing to play as scheduled, that team will forfeit the game in question if they choose not to participate.

The same principle applies to the recitation of a prayer or invocation before games or Little League events (and whether that prayer will be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc.), the recitation of the Little League Pledge, or the playing of a particular national anthem. This is a local league or District decision.

However, in no event should any participant be required to take part in any religious ceremony, or any pledge or anthem, in connection with a Little League activity.