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  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Process to Obtain Waivers of Rules and Regulations

Operating Policies and Position Statements

When a league applies for its annual charter with Little League, it pledges to abide by all the rules and regulations of Little League. However, under special circumstances, it may become necessary to apply for a temporary waiver of a rule or regulation.

It is very important to remember that a league must not take any action contrary to Little League rules and regulations until receiving expressed, written permission through the Charter Committee waiver system. A league wishing to apply for a waiver of a rule or regulation must do so via the following method:

  1. The local league Board of Directors votes whether or not to request the waiver.
  2. If the local league Board of Directors votes to request the waiver, the president writes a letter, detailing the request. Supporting documents should be attached, and forwarded to the District Administrator.
  3. The District Administrator includes his/her written opinion, and forwards all documents to the Regional Director by June 1 of the current year.
  4. The Regional Director or Assistant Region Director will present the situation to the Charter Committee for action.
  5. The Charter Committee will inform the Regional Director or Assistant Regional Director of its final and binding decision, and the Region will inform the District Administrator.

NOTE 1: Any request for a waiver that does not follow the above steps may be delayed.

NOTE 2: If a waiver request involves more than one league, all leagues involved must submit appropriate documentation.

NOTE 3: All waiver requests to the Charter Committee must be submitted in writing by the league president before the start of the league’s regular season or June 1, whichever occurs first. Requests must be submitted to the Regional Office through the District Administrator.

The league, as part of the chartering process, agreed to accept the decision of the Charter Committee as final and binding. Should any new or additional information become available after the Charter Committee’s initial decision which the league feels would alter the Committee’s decision, the league may submit that information for reconsideration by the above outlined process. The league also agreed, as part of the chartering process, that all Charter Committee decisions will be made in Williamsport but understand that the league may request to personally present their position at a meeting with the Committee in Williamsport. No other person or group has the authority to approve waivers of ANY rules or regulations.