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Local League or District Websites

Local leagues and Districts are permitted to host websites that assist with communicating information about their activities in the local community. The local league name, affiliation with Little League®, registration, facility locations, board members, and other information for parents and volunteers should be clearly stated on the website.

Any league or District that wishes to host a website, which includes Little League Trademarks in any fashion, must submit their LEAGUE URL (Universal Resource Locator) into the Little League Data Center annually.

Use of the Little League Trademarks, logos, and links to LittleLeague.org are permitted on websites operated by local leagues or districts, however, permission must be granted in advance by contacting marketing@littleleague.org. If teams within local leagues also host websites, they are required to follow these guidelines and the guidelines for use of Little League Trademarks. Team URLs are not required to be submitted to Little League International. It is strongly encouraged that local league Board Members visit the websites of their associated teams to ensure appropriate content is being provided.

Leagues are also encouraged to secure form release and waivers (formerly model release) as part of the player and volunteer registration process. This allows leagues to host images or video of players participating in league activities.

Little League reserves the right to review any league or district website that uses Little League Trademarks and logos. If content is deemed inappropriate, the league will be required to remove the content.

Local leagues or districts are encouraged to establish a website using Sports Connect, which is free to Little League districts and local leagues. More information is available here.

Local leagues or districts are no longer required to maintain an Eteamz website. Leagues or Districts may continue to use at their discretion, if desired.

For further information, please read our policy statement on crowdfunding.