1. Playing Rules
  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Local League Administration

Operating Policies and Position Statements

Separately, each of the various elements which contribute to the operation of the program affords assistance to those who play Little League. Together they function in teamwork with Little League International, whose primary responsibility is service to more than one (1) million volunteers and more than 2 million participants.

Here is a brief outline of the functions of the component elements:

1. The Local League

The league is the basic unit of organization. It serves the home community and is the core of the volunteer aspect of Little League.

At this level, managers, coaches, umpires, league officers, auxiliary, and other personnel come into close association with the children. It is in the local league perspective that the public sees Little League.

Within the framework of rules and regulations of Little League, the local league is autonomous. It establishes its own administration, elects its Board of Directors, and maintains an organization best suited to meet the needs of Little League in the community.

2. The District and the District Administrator

The field organization, which provides a broad area of administrative service and counsel to local leagues, comprises thousands of competent and experienced volunteer leaders.

Since 1955, Little League has made it possible for leagues to elect a District Administrator as a step towards effecting better service to the league and closer liaison between the league and Little League International.

The District Administrator is responsible to the leagues in the district to acquaint them with information disseminated out of Little League International, assisting them in settling problems, reviewing with them proposed amendments, reporting to them on the business of the Congress, and interpreting adopted changes. The District Administrator is expected to conduct the election in the district, call meetings whenever necessary, assist in the organization and counseling of new leagues, review and investigate the organization; review and investigate problems referred by Little League International, and be well informed on policies, rules, regulations and other pertinent information. Since the District Administrator holds a position of trust and responsibility, that person must be experienced and familiar with all areas and all leagues in the district.

However, the District Administrator never has the authority to suspend or waive any rule or regulation, nor to forfeit any International Tournament game.