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Little League Policies and Principles

Operating Policies and Position Statements

Principles of Conduct

The vitality and growth of any major youth program is dependent upon its integrity and its individual entity. To the extent that the time and energies of its members are diverted to other similar activities, the more limited will be its prospects for continuing success. Failure to maintain an identifiable organization, responsibility for which remains separate and distinct from others, inevitably will result in a loss of public enthusiasm and, ultimately in a process of declining interest and support.

Little League traces its current status as an outstanding youth organization to the unwavering devotion of the many thousands of persons who have unselfishly given their utmost support to the development of leagues in communities throughout the world.

If Little League is to maintain its present stature and develop its fullest potential, the adult participants, both new and old, must recognize their responsibility in observing certain general principles:


  1. No officer or board member of a Little League and no District Administrator or other representative of a group of Little Leagues shall, at the same time, hold office or be a member of the Board of any other youth baseball/softball league or function as an official or representative of such a program.
  2. No corporate or business entity should raise funds in the name of the league or District without active league participation and decision making.
  3. Cooperative solicitation of funds is discouraged. If fundraising with other community organizations, receipts from any general community solicitation should be distributed equitably among participating organizations according to a formula established at the outset and publicly disclosed at the time of the solicitation. In no event should any solicitation be made in the name of Little League in a manner which may create the impression in the minds of the public that the funds received will be devoted to Little League purposes in greater amount than is the actual fact. All funds due to local Little League from any cooperative solicitation shall promptly be turned over to the officers of such leagues without condition or limitation.
  4. The loan, sale, or any commercial use of Little League records, including lists of players, coaches, umpires or volunteers and/or their addresses by any officer or director of a Little League or by a District Administrator is considered highly inappropriate, is contrary to Little League policy and is strictly prohibited.
  5. Little League is committed to compliance with all federal, state and local laws and requires all of its chartered leagues to do the same. It is our policy to recruit, hire, train, and promote individuals, as well as to administer any and all personnel actions, without regard to race, color, religion, age sex, sexual orientation, national origin and ancestry, marital status, status as a disabled or Vietnam Era Veteran, or status as a qualified handicapped individual, in accordance with applicable law. Furthermore, Little League prohibits the use of team names, mascots, nicknames or logos that are racially insensitive, derogatory or discriminatory in nature. Little League requires all chartered local league programs, volunteers as well as regular employees to comply with the policies outline above. Disciplinary action to address violations of the policies outlined above will be determined in the sole discretion of either the Charter Committee or Little League management, as applicable.

In this regard, we have developed a Sexual Harassment Policy for league and District Administrator operation. Consequently, any incident or situation that you believe involves discrimination or harassment of a sexual nature or otherwise should be immediately investigated for corrective action. If necessary, in accordance with the Sexual Harassment Policy, it should be brought to the immediate attention through proper channels to your Regional Director who will contact the Little League International Chief Legal Counsel. Investigation and any corrective action that Little League International determines is appropriate, up to and including dismissal is done so at the organizations discretion.

Little League will not tolerate any unlawful discrimination or harassment and such conduct is prohibited. In this regard, the following Sexual Harassment Policy is for your implementation.