1. Playing Rules
  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Conflict of Interest Policy

Operating Policies and Position Statements

It is considered critical that Members of the Board, Officers of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, Committee Members, Employees, District Administrators, Assistant District Administrators, and all Field Personnel shall not engage in any activity which gives rise to, or could give rise to, an appearance or claim of self-dealing, divided loyalty or conflict of interest by reason of such person’s position with Little League International.

In the event such person has reason to believe his or her activities or anticipated activities could give rise to any such claim, he or she shall have a duty to disclose such activities or anticipated activities to the Board of Directors.

In the event any such person may either directly or indirectly be a party to or be in any manner financially interested in any contract or agreement with Little League International for any matter, cause or thing, such contract or agreement shall be made in violation of this Policy and the same shall be null and void.

In addition, any such person violating this Policy will be subject to Article XVII of the By-Laws of Little League International, entitled “Disciplining Members, Directors, Officers, and Field Personnel.”