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Communications While Acting as a Volunteer Representative at any Level of Little League®

Operating Policies and Position Statements

This policy is in regard to the use of any form of communications in the capacity of membership or representation at any level of Little League® (i.e., Local, District, State, Provincial, District, National, or International).

Those representing themselves as Little League members or Little League leaders in any capacity must refrain from any communication, whether written or spoken, that tends to degrade or demean any person or group. Violation of this policy, in the opinion of the Little League International Charter Committee in South Williamsport, Pa., will be considered not in the best interest of Little League Baseball and Softball, and may result in action by the Committee, up to and including removal of the person from such capacity and/or revocation of the local Little League’s charter.

This in no way is meant to interfere with any person’s right of free speech. It is intended only to ensure that any person refrains from making any statements that demean any person or group, while acting in their capacity as a representative or leader at any level of Little League. It also is important to note that local, state, provincial, or national laws take precedent over this policy if there is a conflict.