Softball Days

In 2006, Little League International introduced the Softball Day initiative to help promote Little League Softball, the college softball experience, and the game in general. It is on this day that softball players of all ages will get to experience exceptional softball, support the local college or university athletics, discover positive role models, and create their own goals. We also hope these events will create an on-going relationship between the colleges and universities and our local Little League Softball programs.

Little League International coordinates 25-30 Little League Softball Days across the country every year and many more are organized by local leagues and district administrators with programs at all levels (high school, NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA). If you would like to organize a Little League Softball Day with your area college or university, email Sara at for more information or customize the resources below to connect with the local university athletic marketing department.

Little League® Days at MLB Ballparks

During  Little League Days, Little League programs may be invited to participate in a unique celebration organized by an MLB Club. Little League Day may include:

  • Discounted tickets for Little Leaguers® and families of Little Leaguers®
  • On-field experiences such as pre-game recognition for your Little League programs
  • Kids run the bases
  • Fundraising opportunities

Additional Information