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  2. Little League® District Travel Program

What District Administrators and Staff Need to Know

  • Districts offering this program will be provided with a new league ID (separate from their regular district ID); essentially, by bringing this opportunity to your district, you’re creating a new, distinct “league” within your district. To indicate you’re interested in starting this program, contact your regional office.
  • Using that new league ID, the district is responsible for chartering and insuring all teams entered into the travel program through the Little League Data Center. This program is treated as a charter in and of itself; which also means that an ASAP Safety Plan must be submitted and approved by the announced deadlines, so that ASAP district percentages are not impacted negatively. District Administrators are able to use ASAP information from local leagues if they are utilizing their fields.
  • D.A. or District staff is responsible for all background checks of volunteers (coaches, umpires, etc.) within their District Travel Program and appointing managers and coaches. Background checks must be completed for all individuals volunteering within the District Travel Program, regardless if they have been approved to volunteer within their local leagues. Districts operating a District Travel Program will receive 125 free background checks through JDP, separately from the allotment they receive as a District.
  • Players must be registered in a local league and actively participating on a regular season team in a local Little League program.
  • Leagues may submit one or more teams to the applicable divisions of play. The goal of this program is to provide additional playing opportunity for those baseball and softball players interested. D.A.s or District staff are encouraged to work with the leagues in their district to provide combined district travel teams, establish player pools, and find ways for all players interested to have an opportunity to participate in the Little League District Travel program.
  • For baseball, pitch counts carry over from regular season games and/or Little League International Tournament games to travel games and vice versa. A Game Pitch Log and Pitcher Eligibility should be maintained and shared within the league. For softball, days of rest regulations also apply.
Download File size: 239 KB Baseball Pitching Log .pdf
  • Games do not count toward players’ Little League International Tournament eligibility.
  • Games must be played against other teams in the district or may be played against other teams in other districts provided the other district has also chartered district travel teams in the same division of play. These teams may not play against any non-Little League teams whatsoever (including special games vs non- affiliated teams).
  • The District is fully responsible for funding and operating the program but may charge a league or player registration fee, as necessary.