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Little League Baseball and Softball is played in approximately 6,500 communities across more than 80 countries around the world, but regardless of where the game is played, the same core mission is shared. Little League believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. Joined together by one common goal, every local Little League is part of one team, one unified Little League. Help us tell the next chapter of “One Team. One Little League.” with photos that represent how your team, your league, your community comes together to be a part of our epic story. Whether it’s a recent photo from what you’ve been doing to keep the Little League experience alive during these difficult times, an exciting photo as your league returns to the field, or a photo from your previous Little League experience, this is your chance to tell your story.

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More Than a Brand, It’s a Story

The story of Little League® began nearly a century ago, and it is up to all of us to write the next chapter – to create the latest installment in an epic series, every time we play. It is a story that focuses on an authentic, big idea – celebrating all the moments that make Little League such a memorable experience. Our story isn’t just of our history; it’s where we go from here. We all share in this story of Little League, and when we add to it, when we make it our own, we make it even better. Because we know that the greatest stories aren’t open and shut. The greatest tales ever told aren’t contained between two covers – they happen on and off the field. So, write your chapter, whether it’s your first or your greatest. The story of Little League belongs to all of us.

We are One Team. One Little League.

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Entry period begins at 9:00 a.m. ET on June 6, 2021 and ends at 9:00 p.m. ET on August 1, 2021. See Official Terms & Conditions for complete entry details, restrictions, and photo guidelines.


Your Stories

  • Write Your Chapter

    Each year, we hear incredible stories from parents, coaches, players, and number one fans that help us write the next chapter of the Little League program. They share with us the little moments they experience both on and off the field, and the major memories that bring us back to our own Little League days. It’s those moments of sportsmanship, the joy of hearing your name over the loudspeaker, the contagious smile of your teammates, and the opportunity to spend time with your friends, family, and community.

    These are the stories you remember.

    Now, it’s your turn to share the next chapter of this epic Little League story. Submit a photo that shares your little moment or major memory, and have a chance to see yours featured here with some of these other great stories or on Little League’s social media platforms.


  • Instant Family

    friends standing against fence

    At the time of this photo, these boys had known each other for three years. They met on the field playing for the pirates. They became instant family on that field. On this day they were playing on opposing teams. They both wanted the “WIN” but continued to cheer each other on. They are the definition of sportsmanship.

  • One Team

    sb players celebrating at home plate

    I think the pure emotion of the entire team after a big home run sums up how this team came together, supported each other, and eventually achieved their goals. They had to overcome adversity from previous years disappointment. This team was hungry and wanted to come together to win and this picture shows that. To add to the One Team. One Little League® concept, Haverstraw Little League did not have enough players to field a team and had to join with a neighboring Little League to add two players. The additional players parents from the other Little League thanked me for making their daughters a part of the team and never feeling like outsiders. This team was the epitome of the term “team.”

  • Opening Day

    This was taken on opening day in 2020. We didn’t expect everything that has happened, and now together all we can do is work as a team and keep everyone safe.

  • First Practice

    bb player smiling

    Every Little Leaguer® shares the nervous excitement of their very first practice, for their very first team. This year has been unusually hard fought to make happen, but the trials only added to the joy in being back on the ball field. Out there the stress and troubles of the day leave us in the sweet escape and joy of watching our little ones play a game we all love. Kids feel it, parents feel it, and by golly do we all need it. Let’s play ball!

  • The Legacy of #8

    Dad has been #8 his entire baseball career. And now, both of the boys wear #8. We coach both boys and dad coaches a brand new high school team. We have baseball Sunday through Saturday, literally every night, and we love it!

  • First Home Run

    Nolan (age six) was born with an insufficient pancreas, which meant he could not absorb nutrients, therefore, he was not growing. The doctors thought he had a genetic disorder that is highly indicative of certain types of cancer. One day, his pancreas started working on its own and he began to grow. The doctors had no explanation. Even though he is the smallest kid on his team, he is one of the strongest and has a heart of a lion. This picture is his first home run. He hit the ball 200 feet to the fence! Both teams were ecstatic for him. We are thankful for our local and national Little League to give us moments like this that will last a lifetime.

  • The Bubblegum Squad

    This picture was taken at their first game of the season, A league of their own, little ladies getting ready for their turn up to bat! They all have a love for the game! It’s an all-girls team!

  • Total Exuberance

    sb player celebrating

    Simply put, this is the raw emotional joy that is exuded in the heat of the moment. Teal and Leah were huge competitors on different teams during the regular season consistently battling it out. But then All-stars hits, bringing the two together truly making “One Team. One Little League.”

  • Excitement and Joy

    The All Star team was made up of players from teams that had been competitors all season. In this photo, Zach was jumping for joy towards kids that were his teammates for this game only. He could not wait to celebrate with them. We love the camaraderie that Little League fosters!