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One Team. One Little League.

We all share the story of Little League®. And when we add to it, when we make it our own, we make it even better. Since the first Little League game was played in 1939, our program has been the reason that communities around the world come alive. The tools and resources on this page are built to help our volunteers bring the new Little League brand to life in their own leagues, districts, and communities.

We are excited to share the new Little League mission, logos, and look with our local districts and leagues, and we hope that all our volunteers embrace that we are…

One Team.
One Little League.

Local League Website Templates

As part of the new brand, Little League® International wanted to find a way to unify its local leagues and give them the opportunity to show off the new brand look and feel on their local league website. Working with SportsConnect, a newly updated look for local leagues will is available (for those leagues utilizing the SportsConnect custom websites) that ties in the new logo, colors, and overall Little League branding.

Downloadable Templates

Our local leagues and districts are, and always have been, the most important chapter in the Little League story. As we all look to celebrate our new brand, we have created, and will continue to create, a number of resources for our local leagues and districts to understand how to properly share the new brand with their players, families, and communities. If you have any questions on how to utilize the new brand, feel free to email [email protected].

flyers graphic

UPDATED ON 12/7/22

Bring the brand to life on your league and/or district’s website by using these great templates, and inspire the next generation of Little Leaguers to sign up today.

Instagram Templates

UPDATED ON 10/12/23

Help tell the story of the Little League program across your league and/or district’s social media channels with these easy-to-use templates.

Banner Ads

UPDATED ON 10/12/23

Bring the brand to life on your league and/or district’s website by using these great templates, and inspire the next generation of Little Leaguers to sign up today.


Logo Usage

Little League is one of the most widely recognized organizations in all of sports and youth activities, and our official local districts and leagues that affiliate annually with Little League International are permitted to use the Little League trademarks in connection with authorized activities. The parameters for any such use of trademarks is detailed in in Little League’s Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies, and on LittleLeague.org. This permission, which is only in effect while the league remains chartered, includes the right to use the Little League trademarks as part of the local league name and to use designated marks and Little League Emblems in conjunction with that name. While permitted for use, those marks may not be edited or altered in any way and must follow the logo usage guidelines provided.

Download Logos

Exclusively on the Data Center

Available through the Little League Data Center, our local districts and programs have access to special Little League logos for use in their operations to help promote and market Little League® to their community.


Additional Resources


Little League® works with licensed partners to produce and market endemic equipment products and non-endemic products.

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logo guidelines

As a chartered Little League®, the use of Little League marks is permitted in conjunction with your local league name.

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Little League® Trademarks help to identify its products and services in the United States and other countries.

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