The Little League® A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Reaches Record 94% Participation in 2019

baseball player giving thumbs up

We are thrilled to announce that 94% of all local Little League® programs in the United States participated in the Little League A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) in 2019.

Little League International greatly appreciates each of the local and district volunteers for their tireless efforts on behalf of the players, families, fans, and their communities by helping make safety a priority for leagues throughout the United States. The success of ASAP wouldn’t be possible without the outreach and encouragement of District Administrators and the dedicated local league officials who create and implement safety plans.

A record number of safety plan submissions means a safer Little League season all over the country. Your commitment to safety awareness over the years has reduced injuries and accidents throughout the Little League program, and we appreciate all your hard work.

ASAP celebrates its 25th anniversary next year, and while we’ll be celebrating your success, we also realize we have more work to do. Safety is an ongoing effort, and there’s always room to improve. We look forward to the program’s continued growth and finding new ways to address safety for the children.

Congratulations to all the leagues who implemented a safety plan for 2019. We are excited to see what next season holds.

Karl Eckweiler
Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer