Little League® International Remembers Ernie Lewis, Former California District 4 Administrator, Past Member of International Board of Directors

ernie lewis

Little League® International mourns the passing of Ernie Lewis, former California District 4 Administrator, who also served as a member of Little League International Board of Directors and International Advisory Board. He was 87.

“I will always cherish the evening that Ernie and I spent at Candlestick Park in October 1989. When the earthquake hit, I knew I was in good hands,” said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. “To this day, a small piece of Candlestick Park resides in my office. Ernie handed me a crumbled piece of the stadium concrete and said to take it home. I think of my friend every time I look at it.”

Mr. Lewis first volunteered with Concord (Calif.) American Little League in 1965, where he served as League President. Continuing his volunteer commitment to the Little League program, Mr. Lewis joined the California District 4 staff. He was elected District 4 Administrator in 1969, serving in that role until 2010 – a term of 40 years.

During his time as a District Administrator, he was instrumental in adding Teenage Divisions, Little League Softball®, and the Little League Challenger Division® to his local leagues. He also strived to build a safe and healthy experience foe the child throughout his district by championing the importance of Little League’s A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP).

ernie lewis and family
Mr. Lewis, his wife Barbara (third from right), and family with Stephen D. Keener (second from right) Little League’s President and CEO.

From 1981 to 1983, Mr. Lewis represented the Western Region as representative to the Little League International Board of Directors. Following his three-year term, he went on to serve on the President’s Advisory Board. Throughout his tenure as a Little League volunteer, Mr. Lewis was committed to providing education and training for his fellow volunteers and expanding opportunities for the children in his community.

Mr. Lewis is survived by his wife, Barbara; daughters Karan and Maureen; son, Ray; and four grandchildren.