How do I register my child for Little League?

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For the 2021 season, certain eligibility and related adjustments have been made to accommodate the ability for children to play in the Little League program in circumstances where a community program is not operating due to the coronavirus pandemic. Typically, for any parent or legal guardian to register a child to participate in a local Little League program, the first step is to locate a league in your area. By using the Little League Finder you can check to see if a player’s physical home address or the address of the school in which the child is currently enrolled to locate in what league’s he/she is eligible to participate in. Once the League Finder identified a league for you, contact information is provided for you to use to inquire about the local league’s registration dates and process. If your home address or child school address are not within a current Little League boundary, reference this information on establishing a child’s eligibility in a local league and contact the District Administrator.

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