The catcher for the visiting team grounds out to end the top half of the third inning of a regular season Little League® (Major) Division softball game. In the middle of the second inning, while the visiting team’s catcher is dressing into her catcher’s equipment, a coach from the visiting team takes a glove, and proceeds to position herself to catch the “warm-up” pitches by kneeling down behind home plate. Before a warm-up pitch is delivered the opposing manager tells the coach that she is not permitted to warm-up the pitcher. The coach informs the umpire that she wanted to finish the warm-ups that were started outside the fence. Should the home plate umpire allow the coach to warm-up the pitcher to avoid delaying the start of inning, while the catcher dresses?


During the annual Little League International Tournament, only a properly-equipped player (team uniform, affixed with Little League patch; catcher’s helmet and mask with throat guard; groin protection; and catcher’s glove) may receive warm-up throws from an eligible pitcher during a game. No manager, coach, or any other adult volunteer, is permitted to be on the field or in the bullpen for the purpose of warming up a pitcher. However, according to the current Little League Baseball® Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies – Rule 3.09 – during the REGULAR SEASON, a manager or coach IS permitted to warm up a pitcher at home plate or in the bullpen or elsewhere at any time.

Note: This rule is applicable in all levels of Little League play.