While closing the books on another year can be bittersweet, next season will be here before you know it. And by giving a little extra effort in closing your facility now, it will help ensure a smooth start to your next season.

When checking things over before closing your facility, consider bringing a notebook so that you can write down anything potential problems you see. Then you can refer to your notes when opening the facility prior to next season. Remember, it might not be you that’s reopening the facility next year, or you might need to share this with the owner of the facility if your league doesn’t own its facilities. Make sure you store the notebook in a common place, use a digital version that can easily be shared, or hand the notebook off to a new board member.


  • Does the park’s fencing have any fraying, loosening, curling, or rusting?
  • Has all trash and debris been cleaned from the dugout?
  • Are there any exposed nails, sharp edges, or tripping hazards in the dugouts?
  • Have any sections of the bleachers become unstable or unsteady?
  • Has all trash and debris been cleared from the bleachers?
  • Are there any protruding edges around home plate that could prevent safe sliding?
  • Are there any large divots, holes, rocks, or sharp items lodged in the playing surface?
  • Is there a large rut in front of the pitching rubber that will need to be filled?


  • Is there any leftover food or debris on the floor, tables, or countertops that could attract pests and create health concerns?
  • Have all appliances been turned off and unplugged?
  • Are there any electrical outlets that aren’t working?
  • Are the sinks draining properly and do you see any leaks?
  • Are there any holes in the walls or gaps between doors large enough for rodents to get in?
  • Do all the light switches still work?
  • Do the locks on the doors and windows still work?


  • Are the floors clean and free from trash and debris?
  • Do the sinks, faucets, and toilets still work properly without leaking?
  • Are there any cracked walls, flooring, or peeling paint?
  • Do all the light switches still work?
  • Can all of the doors still be secured?
  • Do the locks on the door work?


One final area to check is the parking lot. Make sure there is no debris or trash, and look for major potholes that could be there waiting for you next season.

This checklist was compiled by Musco Lighting, the official sports lighting system of Little League®