As winter ends and the transition to baseball and softball starts, a big task is making sure that fields are ready for the season to begin. Many local leagues will have work days to prepare fields for the season, but some may not know what work needs to be done. Here is a simple checklist to help get your fields ready for the season.

  • Mow and trim the grass areas.

Every field looks better after it has been mowed.

  • Check all fences for safety hazards and fix any issues or potential issues with the fence.

Backstops, outfield, and even dugout fences should be checked to make sure they are in good shape and safe for players to be around.

  • Treat any ant mounds or other bugs that may be around.

No one wants to run through ant piles, especially baseball and softball players. Treat any problem areas and make sure they don’t come back.

  • Work on pitcher’s mound and batter’s box areas.

These two areas get the most abuse. Fill in any with clay and put dirt on top. This will help provide stability in these areas throughout the season.

  • Work on dirt areas.

Fill in any low spots in the dirt and remove any weeds that may have come up.

  • Create a fertilizer and water schedule for the season.

Taking care of the fields during the season is just as important as getting them ready before the season starts. Create a fertilizer and watering schedule to ensure green grass all season long.

  • Create a maintenance schedule for the season, and off-season.

Creating a schedule for maintenance and following the schedule will help keep your fields in great shape through the tournament season, and beyond.

Getting a good start to the season in field maintenance and continuing to maintain your fields for the entire year will help them look and play better throughout your season.