Many leagues request waivers for various reasons throughout the year. There are many types of waivers for various reasons. Each local Little League program is unique and may require a waiver to allow a rule locally that best benefits its community. All waivers must be approved by the Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pa., before they can be used in the local league.

The most common waiver request is an out-of-boundary request. Local leagues request to allow a player that does not meet the residency requirement to play within the league. Leagues request a waiver for an out-of-boundary player for a variety of reasons.

Leagues that merge together or split into two leagues, uneven number of players on a team within a division, players participating in less than the required number of games to have tournament eligibility, alternate draft methods, combinations for tournament teams, and Special Games with non-Little League teams are many common waiver requests. Leagues must obtain an approved waiver before using any of these rules.

Some league need to modify a playing rule or regulation for their league. Common playing rule waivers include time limits on minor league and tee-ball games and increased mandatory play requirements, and limits on runs scored per half-inning in other divisions than minors. These rule changes require an approved waiver and help leagues throughout the regular season.

There are no forms for applying for waivers. Each waiver request should be approved by the local league’s Board of Directors then submitted to the District Administrator. The request should be written out and include any additional information or documentation to support the request.

II(a) and II(d) Waivers

This type of waiver can be found in Regulation II of the rules and regulation for Little League Baseball and Softball. This rule allows a player who has previously qualified under residency for a league and played in the league to remain in the league after having the moved to a new residence or school.

As long as the player lived within the boundary and played with the league, they may continue service with the league if the player’s address or school location changed, the league’s boundary has changed, or the player is a sibling of a player who previously qualified for II(d).

IV(h) Waivers

If a person has previously resided within the league’s boundaries for two or more years while serving that league as a dedicated manager, coach, or member of the local league’s Board of Directors for two or more years, his sons and/or daughters are eligible to try out and be selected by teams in that league provided such service to the league from which the person has moved has continued and subject to written agreement from the league within whose boundaries they currently reside.

In both cases, a II(d) or IV(h) waiver form will need to be completed and then approved by the District Administrator. The completed form needs to be accompanied by proof of residency documents for the previous address that was within the league boundary.