Fundamental Focus:

These progressions will teach your players how to field the ball and throw to the proper base.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tee Balls
  • Bases
  • Buckets (3)

Drill Sequence:

  • Progression 1: The players begin the drill in positions. The coach rolls the ball to any position. The player at the specific position must field the ball and then either run it or throw it to a designated player (usually the person playing first base). That player then drops the ball into the bucket beside him/her and it counts as an “out”.
  • Progression 2: The player who fields the ball must throw the ball (and not run it) to the designated player wit the bucket for an out.

For additional drills and practice sequences, visit the Little League® Tee Ball Program. Additional copies of the Tee Ball Curriculum are available for purchase at