Great Little League® coaches are essential to ensuring players and parents have a fun, meaningful Little League experience. The Coaching Coordinator is one of the newer Board of Directors positions introduced. This individual should be someone with past coaching experience, but it is recommended that the individual is not a current manager or coach in the league. If multiple coordinators are used, an individual could be a coach or manager and a Coaching Coordinator as long the roles are served in in different divisions.

A Coaching Coordinator should be familiar with the following to properly perform the duties of the position:

  1. Little League Rules and Regulations
  2. Player Management Duties
  3. Training and Education Offerings

Your league’s Coaching Coordinator is also tasked with:

  1. Providing manager and coach training and education each year
  2. Implementing a budget to offer training and education
  3. Monitoring managers and coaches throughout the year
  4. Reporting any roster management issues to the Player Agent

Being a good Little League coach is so much more than providing on-field instruction. It’s ensuring that players are learning, growing, and having fun, in all aspects of the game. The Coaching Coordinator ensures that these vital volunteers have the resources they need to make the season a successful one for all participants and parents.