The local Board of Directors decides how the league chooses to budget its funds and those decisions directly impact how much money it needs to operate. Some examples of a local league’s on-field costs include playing equipment (hats and uniforms, bats, batting helmets, catcher’s gear, baseballs, and softballs) and league-owned equipment and materials (tractors, field dry, batting cages, baseline paint, and detachable bases). The cost of insurance on the players and facilities is also an annual consideration for the local Board.

It is important to always be transparent with both the board and the members about all costs to operate the league. A budget helps explain how registration fees are set and why fundraisers are necessary.

The Treasurer and/or a Budget Committee develop a budget prior to start of the upcoming fiscal year (or prior to the start of league activities for the next fiscal year). The budget is developed based on past history, anticipated/projected income and league goals.

A sample budget may look like this:

Sample Budget
Budgeted Income
Fundraising Revenue
 Candy Bar Sell  $2,000
 Car Wash  $700
 Logo Sell  $1,500
 Total Fundraising Revenue   $4,200
 Concession Revenue  $5,500
 Sponsorship Revenue
 Team Sponsorships  $5,000
Fence Signage $1,875
Total Sponsorship Revenue $6,875
Program Income
Fall Registration Player Fees ($40 per player) $5,200
Spring Registration Player Fees ($75 per player) $32,400
Donations $3,000
Total Program Income $40,600
Total Budget Income $57,175
Budgeted Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
Fundraising Expenses
Candy Bar Sell $500
Car Wash $75
Logo Sell $250
Total Fundraising Expenses $825
Facilities and Maintenance
Field Supplies $6,500
Utilities $3,000
General Maintenance $500
Total Facilities and Maintenance Expenses $10,000
Concession $3,500
Coaching Clinics $500
Umpire Clinics $500
First Aid Materials $250
Equipment $8,500
District Dues $1,250
Charter and Insurance $1,000
Tournament Enrollment $1,200
Uniforms $15,000
Awards $750
Background Checks $50
Board of Directors Supplies $150
Marketing/Advertising $500
Miscellaneous $1,000
Total Operations Expenses $34,150
Total Budget Expenses  $44,975
Total Remaining Balance   $12,200