Striving to provide its local leagues and communities with a Little League experience that offers additional opportunities to play, while maintaining the fun and integrity of the neighborhood program, the dual rostering concept affords a Little Leaguer® the ability to play on multiple teams in the same season.

Beginning with the 2017 Little League regular season, Regulation I and Regulation IV now state that any local league may allow a player to be on the roster of two teams during the same Little League regular season, provided the player is age-eligible to participate at the Major Division or above, and who is otherwise eligible under all conditions.

For example, a player who is currently age-eligible to playing the Little League Baseball Major Division, may play Intermediate (50/70) baseball or Junior Division baseball, but would not be permitted to play in Senior Division baseball due to league-age.

This decision provides participants at these levels of play the ability to participate in two divisions, provided they qualify under Residency/School Attendance Eligibility Requirements, programs, and divisions of play. It’s important to note that players may only be selected to one Tournament team.

The regulations cannot be modified by the local league’s Board of Directors, but the choice to utilize the dual rostering option remains with the local league. All request for waivers, must be presented to the league’s District Administrator in order to be considered by the regional office, and the Little League International Charter Committee in South Williamsport, Pa.

All league officials are strongly encouraged to review the language for Regulation I and Regulation IV, in the current year’s rulebook.