By providing Player Registration and Volunteer Information earlier in the year, you will help Little League® International become more familiar with your league officials and connect with your volunteers and Little League families. Having this information allows Little League to distribute timely information and announcements to your Board members, volunteers, and parents prior and during the current season.

Local leagues must submit regular-season player registration/roster information and volunteer data through the Little League Data Center. In order for your district to receive its ASAP incentive, your district must have your league’s ASAP plans submitted to, and approved by, Little League International. For leagues using Sports Connect, that information will be automatically sent to Little League International, helping to fulfill Regulation IV(g) and ASAP Requirement 14.

Here is a quick-read explanation of these requirements and a list of frequently asked questions that can help you understand the process.


Why is Little League requiring player, manager and coach, and volunteer data so much earlier in the year?

By receiving the information earlier in the year, Little League has the ability to better connect with volunteers and Little League families. It will also allow us to distribute timely information and announcements to all local league officials and parents during the current season of play. Volunteers will receive valuable tips and tools via specific newsletters and other resources provided by Little League International. Parents will also have the ability to receive a The Parent Connection newsletter designed just for them. It is our hope that this information will help families enhance their Little League experience.

What is the difference between player, manager, and coach data vs. team rosters?

Player, manager, and coach data is actually much easier for a local league to provide. This information does not require a league to hold a draft and assign players to teams before they can submit information to Little League. Local leagues simply have to provide a general list of data to Little League to meet the ASAP requirement.

Why is player, manager, and coach data part of the ASAP Program?

The primary purpose of the ASAP Program is to improve safety within local leagues. Adding this requirement to the ASAP Program allows Little League the ability to provide managers, coaches, and league officials with important safety information and initiatives prior to, and during, the current playing season.

How do I upload my player and volunteer data to Little League?

Once logged in the Little League Data Center, look for “League and District Resources.” After locating, click on “Upload Registration Data” and follow the instructions. For leagues using Sports Connect for their technological needs, that information will be automatically sent to Little League International, helping to fulfill Regulation IV(g) and ASAP Requirement 14.

How does Little League International use personal information collected and received?

As a youth organization,  Little League is very concerned about privacy. Therefore, we have taken measures to tailor our content and offerings to help protect an individual’s privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to information collected on Little League International authored websites such as:;;, and our official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as information received from other sources, such as charter enrollment and player records reporting.

The ASAP Requirement:
League Player Registration Data or Player Roster Data, which also includes Coach and Manager Data, must be submitted AND approved separately through the Little League Data Center on or before the deadline to meet Requirement 14 of ASAP and be eligible for the District Incentive. This ASAP requirement is an effort to provide coaches with important Little League information and initiatives prior to and during the current playing season.

The Regulation:  IV(g):
Player, manager, and coach data must be supplied to Little League International annually. Leagues may submit information from registration. It is highly recommended that data be supplied electronically in approved formats to Little League International via the Little League Data Center.