A website managed locally can also give parents and legal guardians the ability to register their children and adult volunteers remotely. Such online registration technology can accept a player(s) into the league and process any associated registration fee(s). When this option is made available through the local league website, it allows the league to efficiently expand and expedite the player registration process.

There are many benefits of online registration, which helps digitize your league player, family, and volunteer information, which can help with your tracking and communications efforts.

In addition, for leagues using Sports Connect, player and volunteer registration data will be automatically sent to Little League International, helping to fulfill Regulation IV(g) and ASAP Requirement 14. There is an additional opportunity for potential volunteers to conduct the Official Little League Volunteer Application and background check in one platform. Sports Connect and JDP are integrated together to provide a process for the league admin to review and approve a potential volunteer directly in the Sports Connect platform. For more information on how a league can utilize the Sports Connect/JDP Integration, visit LittleLeague.org/JDPSC.

  • Use the Sports Connect platform to establish a path to a registration tab on the local league website
  • Address online privacy concerns by outlining the registration process and explaining where the information is stored
  • Provide an overview of the league’s divisions of play, age ranges for each division, and access to the league age calculator
  • Note and describe the types of materials needed at-hand when completing online registration
  • Establish parameters for volunteer participation and registration, including background checks
  • Include a complete list of player registration fee(s) and all other related costs
  • Create a list of accepted payment methods (credit card, etc.)
  • Decide if the league will accept partial payment and/or allow installment plans