How to Charter with Little League® for the First Time

chartering local league celebrating

Every year, hundreds of individuals inquire about how their community’s baseball/softball program can become a part of Little League® and enjoy the many benefits of affiliation. It’s easy for any league not currently affiliated with Little League to join the program and the affiliation process is often completed in less than two weeks. To learn more about being a part of the Little League program, and the story behind it’s iconic history, visit

Ready to get started? Here are the three documents that must be submitted and approved to complete a charter with Little League.

1. Charter Application and Insurance Enrollment Form

The Charter Application and Insurance Enrollment Form allows a league to indicate which divisions they will charter as well as the estimated number of teams for each division. Team numbers can be changed after chartering if needed. Additional information provided during this process includes general league information, board member information, and insurance preferences. Leagues have the option to purchase insurance through a program made available to Little Leagues or to submit proof of local insurance.

Leagues may request a charter application by emailing [email protected].

2. Boundary Map

The league boundary map indicates the area that the league will service. To be eligible to participate, participants must reside within, or attend school within, a league’s boundary. Boundary maps must be signed by both the League President and the league’s respective Little League District Administrator.

3. League Constitution

The League Constitution is the governing document of the local league. Little League reviews League Constitutions to ensure that they are aligned with Little League’s rules, regulations, and operating policies. Leagues may choose to adopt the model Little League Constitution which is available at

When completed, all documentation may be submitted electronically to [email protected]. Once received, Little League International staff will review all documentation and work with the league to obtain any additional information that is needed. Once reviewed, the new charter is processed and the league will receive access to all the benefits of the Little League program.