Each year, Little League® Baseball and Softball encourages local leagues to submit safety tips that are employed in the local league. The intent is to collect this information and share it throughout the program, to better educate and inform Little League volunteers on certain practices that their peers have put in place to make the Little League experience a happier and healthier experience.

We invite you to review these suggestions provided by local leagues throughout the United States:

  • At the first sign of lightning, the game must be suspended for at least 30 minutes. All should leave the field immediately and stay off the field until there is no more lightning within 10 miles of the playing field.

Massapequa International Little League, New York

  • When the heat becomes excessive (95 degrees or above) we observe a 10-minute break at the end of the third inning of play. This will be enforced! Coaches and umpires should address this in a pregame conference.

Princeton Youth Baseball Little League, Illinois

  • We purchased eight personal hydration systems for our umpires to help prevent heat illness.

West Redding Little League, California

  • Switch to light colored uniforms for players, due to intense heat during the season.

Oak Ridge Woodlands Area Little League, Texas

  • When lightning is detected in the area, one of our concession stand employees will sound a horn signifying an immediate halt to play and evacuation of the fields.

Penokee Range Little League, Michigan

  • Coaches should encourage parents and players to bring sunscreen and bug spray to practices and games.

Berlin Little League, Massachusetts

  • In addition to all Emergency First-Aid Kits, A Non-Emergency First-Aid Kit is kept, stocked full of sunblock, insect repellent, dry skin lotion, and hand sanitizer.

Port St. Lucie American Little League, Florida

  • It is very important to check our fields for rattlesnakes, especially as the weather gets warmer later in the season.  It’s a good practice for the team managers and the home plate umpire to walk the field together before the game.

Rancho Mission Viejo Little League, California

  • Consider checking for bees’ nests in the protective fence covering. We found yellow jacket and wasps’ nests inside our yellow corrugated protective pipe.

Unicoi County Little League, Tennessee

  • In addition to lightning detection, we have parent’s working as spotters.

Woodstock American Little League, Illinois

These safety tips were compiled by Musco Lighting, the official sports lighting system of Little League®