Each year, Little League® Baseball and Softball encourages local leagues to submit safety tips that are employed in the local league. The intent is to collect this information and share it throughout the program, for the purpose of better educating and informing Little League volunteers on certain practices that their peers have put in place to make the Little League experience happier and healthier.

Safety Tips

LINCOLN LITTLE LEAGUE – Michigan District 3 – We always have extra infield dirt to fill in holes.

GENEVA LITTLE LEAGUE – Ohio District 1 – We have seen a significant boost in field safety since our league decided to designate a person to oversee each complex. The “in-charge” person keeps track of the field maintenance needs, maintenance of the equipment, and is responsible for making sure the safety guidelines are being met for each field.

LINESVILLE LITTLE LEAGUE – Pennsylvania District 1 – We always check dugouts for any bees nests, before practices and games. They can become a problem overnight.

KETCHIKAN LITTLE LEAGUE – Alaska District 2 – Create a facility checklist of the areas and equipment that are to be inspected before every game.

PHOENIX TALENT LITTLE LEAGUE – Oregon District 6 – Our Concessions Manager does a 30-minute safety training with all our concession volunteers on the importance of proper food handling and safety procedures.

EVANS PARK LITTLE LEAGUE – California District 24 – We have posted reminders inside the concession stand about the importance of washing hands, proper food handling procedures, and that no volunteer shall touch money and food at the same time. One person is responsible for the money, and another handles food.

CENTRAL VALLEY LITTLE LEAGUE – California District 58 – Having a food service-specific first-aid kit in your concession stand is a must. These contain items relative to typical injuries received in a food service environment such as burns and cuts.

TEANECK LITTLE LEAGUE – New Jersey District 6 – Our medical information forms are printed up with carbon paper. The coaches keep the original copy and the carbon copy is kept in a central file in our canteen (concession stand).

PACIFICA NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE – California District 52 – Umpires are designated “Acting Safety Officers” at the games they officiate.

LOGAN LITTLE LEAGUE – New Jersey District 15 – We have a list of barbecue safety tips and how to deal with meat. This sheet deals with safely transporting food, precooking, and preventing cross-contamination.

ANTIOCH LITTLE LEAGUE – California District 4 – We hold a safety meeting with each team every week.