The Combined Teams option benefits players and local Leagues by providing children with the chance to play Little League® when one league does not have enough registered participants to offer a particular division of play. Combined teams are commonly used to provide opportunities to participate in the Softball and Teenage Divisions of play during the regular season.

The Combined Teams for Tournament Play Option provides an opportunity for any chartered league to participate in the annual Little League International Tournament by combining players from another chartered Little League to form a tournament team. Those leagues which do not have enough players to field a tournament team may do so my using the Combined Teams option available through the Little League Data Center.

It is required that each league wishing to combine players to form a tournament team have chartered at least one team in the given division of play and participated in an approved combination for the regular season. The district administrator is responsible for approving all regular season combinations and making a recommendation to regional office on all tournament combination requests.

The Little League Data Center provides the ability for a local league to charter a combined team or teams for tournament play by simply logging in and following a few simple steps.