Having a strong arm is secondary to making an accurate throw. A simple and fun way to develop throwing accuracy is to practice the hit-the-target drill.

To do this drill, all the equipment you will need is your child’s fielding glove, a ball, a target, and a wall or fence. A baseball, softball, or tennis ball all work great. Your Little Leaguers® should also wear the hat and cleats they normally wear to practice or a game.



Find an open space, such as a yard or field, and place a fixed target on the ground about 10 feet away from a wall or fence. The target can be anything that a player can throw a ball toward and make contact with: a batter’s helmet, ball bucket, plastic jug, “L” screen, catcher’s mitt, or fielder’s glove.



After playing catch for approximately 10 minutes to properly warm up and stretch your player’s throwing arm, step off a distance of approximately 30 feet. Be far enough away so that the player needs to throw overhand to get the ball to the target, but not too far away that the player cannot clearly see the target. You can adjust the distance based on your child’s level of play and experience.



Using an overhand throw, the player attempts to hit the target with an overhand throw. You can incentivize them to hit the target by placing a prize on the target, for example a dollar bill, and if the player hits the target, whatever is on top of the target is theirs to keep.

Repeat this drill several times and vary the throwing distance and angle to the target. Remind the player to throw the ball using their natural motion and avoid trying to aim the ball. This drill is designed to simulate a player throwing to a base, and develop the ability to accurately deliver a ball that can be handled by a fielder attempting to make a tag on a base runner.