1. Playing Rules
  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Options on Sons, Daughters, and Siblings

Operating Policies and Position Statements

An option is an agreement between a manager and the player agent covering a special condition. All options must be in writing (except No. 1) and be submitted to the player agent 48 hours prior to the draft. The options are as follows:

1. Brothers/Sisters in the Draft

When there are two or more siblings in the draft, and the first brother or sister is drafted by a manager, that manager automatically has an option to draft the other brother or sister on the next turn. If the manager does not exercise the option, the second sibling is then available to be drafted by any team.

2. Brothers/Sisters of Players Currently on a Team

If desired, a manager shall submit an option in writing on a draftee if the player candidate’s brother or sister is a member of that manager’s team. If such an option is submitted, the manager MUST draft the sibling within the first three draft selections.

3. Sons/Daughters of Managers

If a manager has sons and/or daughters eligible under Regulation II for the draft, and wishes to draft them, he/she must submit the option in writing. If so stated, the parent/manager is required to exercise the option at or before the close of the specific draft round, depending on the League Age of sons and/or daughters. Parent/manager option takes priority over any other option.

NOTE: These provisions also apply for managers having eligible brothers or sisters in the draft.

4. Sons/Daughters of Coaches

A NEW coach shall not be appointed nor approved until after the draft to avoid “Red Shirting” of players through selective coaching appointments.

A returning coach, through the manager, may exercise an option in writing to the player agent provided:

(A) The coach has served as a manager or coach in the league (at any level) for the past two years AND,

(A) The coach is returning to the same Major League team as last year.

IMPORTANT: In order for a manager to exercise this option, the coach must qualify under BOTH conditions above.

5. Draft Rounds

If an option is submitted in writing for the son and/or daughter of a manager or coach, such candidate must be drafted in or before the following round:

Draft Round Little League Intermediate Junior Senior
5 9-10 11 12 14,13
4 11 12 13 15
3 12 13 14 16


Draft Round Little League Junior Senior
5 9-10 12 14,13
4 11 13 15
3 12 14 16

6. Special Considerations Which Apply

(A) If the manager so chooses, the option on son or daughter may be waived.

(A) In the event the parent becomes a manager in another league, that parent may not claim the son or daughter.

(B) Players are eligible only in the league whose boundaries include the parent/manager’s home residence (as defined by Little League).

(C) When a vacancy occurs during the playing season, the player selected to fill the vacancy becomes a permanent member of that team, governed by the same regulations as all members of the team selected in the draft.

(D) All players, including sons/daughters of managers and coaches at the Minor League level, are subject to the draft.

(E) Parents of Major League players who become managers or coaches after their children have been selected to a Major team may not automatically claim their sons or daughters, but may trade for them at the proper time, subject to requirements for trading in the next section.


Alternate Method of Operation – The Regular Season

To aid leagues that are having a difficult time getting enough players for their regular season teams the following option is available:
A pool of players from existing regular season teams can be created with players that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of rostered players for a regular season game.


  1. The league’s player agent will create and run the pool. The league’s player agent will use the pool to assign players to teams that are short of rostered players for a regular season game on a rotating basis from within their respective division or one division below, who are age appropriate and have been assessed capable. Pool players may return to their respective division and all other guidelines must be followed as outlined. EXAMPLE: Minors to Major Division, Juniors to Seniors, etc.
  2. Managers and/or coaches will not have the right to randomly pick and choose players from the pool.
  3. Players used from the pool will not be allowed to pitch, except during the player’s own regular season scheduled game.
  4. Pool players that are called and show up at the game site must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs and bat once.

For details on age alignments for Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior League, see Regulation IV of the rulebooks.