In another benefit for local Little League volunteers and parents, LexisNexis is providing an express birth certificate service through its VitalChek program.

Order Your Child’s Birth Certificate Online

If a parent in your league is in need of this service, simply direct them to this page and have them click the link above.

In Lieu of Birth Certificate Statement:

This is a reminder that the following change to the standards and guidelines has been approved, and is designed to streamline the process of obtaining a Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Proof of Birth:

The standards and guidelines have always stated that certain additional documents are required to obtain a Statement in Lieu of Acceptable Proof of Birth, and these documents were to be sent to the appropriate Regional Director for issuance of the statement. This has been amended so that the District Administrator now has the authority to examine the documents, and to issue a statement that will be considered acceptable for this purpose. Several copies of this statement were mailed in the District Administrators’ Tournament Supply Packets.

It is a carbonless half-sheet, a facsimile of which is below. If all the documentation is in order, the District Administrator signs the statement. The top (white) copy must be carried by the manager with the affidavit throughout Tournament play, then is given to the parent to keep. The District Administrator retains the bottom (yellow) copy.