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State Specific Information on Child Abuse

Fifty (50) States and the District of Columbia have enacted laws which address mandatory reporting of child abuse to protect the health and safety of children.  Little League Baseball, Incorporated (LLB) has compiled a summary of all currently existing federal and state laws regarding mandatory reporting of child abuse.

It is strongly recommended that local leagues consult with legal counsel in its jurisdiction to determine the applicability, if any, of federal, state and local requirements and laws to its program regarding the reporting of child abuse.

The information that follows is current through December 21, 2021

Reporting Child Abuse

  • Federal

    Under Federal law, certain professionals (including doctors and health care professionals, mental health care professionals, social workers, foster parents, commercial film processors, child care providers, teachers and school officials and law enforcement officers) performing their jobs on Federal land or in a Federally operated facility are required to report known or suspected child abuse as soon as possible, on a standard written reporting form, to the agency designated by the Attorney General, which is currently the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), except in cases of sexual abuse or serious injury or life threatening neglect, in which case the report is to be made to local law enforcement.

    Abuse is defined to include physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation.

    To access this section of the US Code in an unofficial format online, follow: