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CNN.com Article Touts Merits of Little League Pitch Count

A news article posted on the Health page at www.CNN.com  highlights many methods for maintaining a child’s health and well being. Little League’s Pitch Count is among the best practices noted in the story entitled Ways to help your children stay in the game injury-free.

In the article written by Sabrya Rice, Dr. Cynthia Labella, Medical Director for Children’s Memorial Hospital’s Institute for Sports Medicine in Chicago is quoted as saying, “There is nothing as detailed as (the Little League Pitch Count) for other sports. So certainly a parent who is proactive can go to the game, get out their counters and keep track from the sidelines.”

In Little League games however, such a pitch counter is not required for parents. The pitching regulations mandate maximum limits, which are imposed by the umpire.

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Provided in the article’s references to the Little League Pitch Count is the listing of the total number of pitches allowed by rule based on a player’s age, as well as a link to Little League’s Pitch Count rules and rest schedule.