Conversations with Little Leaguers®

How to Be the Best Teammate Participant Submission Form

As part of the commitment of Little League® International to creating a player-centric culture, Conversations with Little Leaguers will serve as a test opportunity to identify training guidance for youth sports coaches and administrators by gathering direct feedback and insights from Little League players.

Little League International is seeking youth participants (ages 11-12) from a diverse ethnic backgrounds, genders, socioeconomic status to participate in a conversation of this pilot program featuring all players from your league. This virtual sessions will last from 45 to 60 minutes and will take place on Thursday, July 17 at 7 p.m. eastern.

Moderated and facilitated by the Positive Coaching Alliance, these virtual sessions aim to open up an impactful conversation on race, diversity, and inclusion through sportsmanship. The session will include activities, breakout rooms, videos, and scenarios that will get the athletes talking and learning through discovery.

The learning objectives are to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of cultural bias and privilege,
  • explore identity and teamwork through valuing uniqueness as well as unity, and
  • create a safe, welcoming team environment for all to belong.

In a conversational format, we are seeking Little Leaguers share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings about being on a Little League team and discussing how they can approach being the best teammate they can be. By speaking with their peers in the absence of their coaches or parents, we want to learn from Little Leaguers who are sharing their honest and open feedback in a safe environment. Please note that adults will be moderating all levels of the conversation. These sessions will be recorded for internal purposes only, as Little League International is committed to continuing to find innovative approaches to connect with and educate its participants on providing a welcoming, inclusive, supportive dynamic for all families and players.

If you are interested in submitting your player for consideration to participate in one of these sessions, please complete the following form. Little League International and/or Positive Coaching Alliance will contact selected individuals for participation.

Thank you for your consideration and support of Little League.

Together, we are One Team. One Little League.

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Please let us know who is completing the application. If you are not the Legal Guardian or Parent, we’ll ask for that information in another section of the application.

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    Little League’s goal is to have diverse representation in these conversations, please select all that apply.
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  • Questions for Parent or Guardian:

    To help us identify and select participants for these sessions, please work with your player to answer the following questions:
  • Has the topic of race and inclusion been discussed with your child at home?
  • How do you expect your child to respond to a conversation on race, diversity and inclusion through sportsmanship? Scale 1 (Skeptical) to 5 (enthusiastic)
  • By submitting this application, parent/guardian agrees for their child to participate in this conversation, which will be recorded for internal purposes, responses may be used without additional approval in future communications to promote Little League International. Adult submitting this form agrees to receive communications from Little League International.
  • Questions for Child to Complete with Parent / Guardian:

    To help us identify and select participants for these sessions, please work with your child to answer the following questions:
  • How would you describe the racial diversity of your team and/or league? Scale of 1 (not diverse) to 5 (very diverse)
  • Have you ever played for a coach that looks like you (same race)?
  • Have you ever felt excluded or like you didn’t fit in on a team?