Your Voice: Does Fall Ball Impact Spring Registration? How Do We Start Playing Softball? Can You Be Forced to Play Travel Ball?


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Erin from Kentucky – If I registered my son for Fall Ball, will he need to register again to play in the spring?

Little LeaguePlayer registration can be done in a variety of ways, and it depends on the local league how it chooses to operate. Fall Ball is considered an extension of the current Little League season. A league may elect to register players for Fall Ball, and at the same time offer an early registration opportunity for the next spring/regular season. Typically, however, many leagues only extend their spring registration to their Fall Ball activities, so, you likely will have to register your son again for next year. Check with your child’s regular season or fall ball coach, or a member of the league’s Board of Directors, to answer your registration questions.

Jen from Florida – I want to start my daughter in softball. She’s six years old. What size softball should I use to play catch with her?

Little League – A 10-inch, softer-style ball is recommended until she becomes comfortable with catching and throwing. The A.D. Starr SS1-10-S “SoftStar” is a 10-inch softball that is softer and a little smaller than a conventional 11-inch softball. It is a great softball to learn to throw and catch with.

Tim from Mississippi – I’ve been a volunteer in my league for a few years. I want to help on the Board, but I am afraid to get put into a role I don’t have time for. How do I make myself available and still not overcommit?

Little League – Every local league needs a broad volunteer base. Anyone willing to make the time to contribute is welcome and the Board of Directors will certainly respect your commitment. Speak with the League President or other member of the current Board of Directors and get an understanding of how you could make the best use of the time you have to offer. Begin by considering how much time you what to commit. Then look at what expertise you can provide. There may be a good fit that draws on your profession or past personal, local league, and current work experiences. If you seek a Board position, the League President of senior member of the Board will be able enlighten you as to the responsibilities associated with position. October is typically when a local league conducts its election, with the new Board taking over in November. Express your interest to the Board, gather your facts, and make your decision. A few conversations with the right people will help you to be in the best position to help your local league, while suiting your schedule.

Bramm from Wisconsin – My son is 10, and he was told by one of his friends that to play in the Little League Majors he must play on a travel team. Is this true?

Little League – There is no official connection between the Little League Baseball and Softball program and your community’s travel ball or select program. It is possible that a local travel ball manager or coach may be a volunteer in your Little League program, but he/she has no authority to dictate that playing on the travel ball team is a prerequisite for selection to a Little League regular-season baseball team or softball team. The volunteers chosen to manage and coach in a Little League are nominated by the League President and approved by the current season’s Board of Directors. Managers and coaches are not tenured in Little League, but they may be appointed annually if the league’s leadership chooses to do so. Even if a team manager or coach does return to the same team in subsequent years, he/she certainly does not have the ability to approve or deny any Little Leaguer’s eligibility to play in any division of the Little League. If you’re being told this by volunteers in your league, you should raise the issue to the Board of Directors or your District Administrator.

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