How can I request an out-of-league boundary Waiver?

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The most common waiver request involves leagues asking that a Little Leaguer® play in a league outside the previously established boundary. But waivers give parents the opportunity to seek an approved way for their child to have the best Little League experience possible, which could mean playing in the Minor Division as a 12-year-old or participating in regular season play for a league outside of their residence or school boundaries due to a hardship. Each waiver situation is unique, and Little League International uses this process to work with the league to find a solution to provide every child the opportunity to have a meaningful Little League experience.

The league president is to submit the proper waiver request [II(d), IV(h) or Charter Committee] with supporting documentation to the district administrator who will review. If the documentation for II(d) or IV(h) meets the regulation, the League President and DA must sign. Little League recommends that both the league and DA maintain a copy of those waivers. If the league wishes to submit an out-of-boundary request, the district administrator will submit the request to the regional office for their review and subsequent submission to the Little League International Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pa. The Charter Committee meets weekly throughout the calendar year. All submissions need to originate from the local league to the District Administrator for the request to be reviewed and forwarded the Regional office and subsequently, to the Charter Committee.

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