International Grant Listings

Please select your appropriate country/region from the options provided in the section below for some international grant opportunities.

After selecting your country/region please note the geographic limits that each grant opportunity may have. Please understand that while Little League® falls into the overall mission of the listed grants, it is still very important to read the requirements listed on the site of each grant to make sure what your league is specifically looking for fits into their mission.

Little League® cannot guarantee that a local league will qualify for or receive any grant listed. Please take a few moments to read the brief description provided and explore the grant’s website to see if that grant is right for your league. While browsing their website, pay close attention to details such as application deadlines, payout periods, etc. You may find some application periods are currently closed. We encourage you to make a note and return when the application period is reopened. If you have any questions about a specific grant after exploring their website, please address them to the grant provider. Contact information can be found on their websites.

If you’re interested in adding a grant or would like one removed from our listing, please contact [email protected].

International Grants

  • Europe/UK

    Beyond Sport

    The fund will help sport and social impact organizations overcome challenges faced as a result of COVID-19.

    • Category: Youth Athletics/COVID-19
    • Area Specifics: No Limit based on Geography

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