Eligibility for Re-Election

As a method to ensure that all chartered leagues are receiving the necessary amount of assistance and guidance needed locally, there will be a criteria that each District Administrator must meet to be eligible for re-election.

Required Training

  • Must have documented participation in a District Administrator training session at a Regional Center, Little League Road Show or to be developed on-line DA training program.

ASAP Program Participation (Does not apply to international)

  • Must have participation of 50% of the leagues in ASAP program.
  • Must have a district safety officer on file at Little League International.

State Requirement (if applicable)

  • Must be a member in good standing with the state association (if applicable)

Conflict of Interest

  • Must not be affiliated with another youth baseball or softball organization.
    (It is critical that an individual not appear to have divided loyalty while serving in the capacity of District Administrator.)
Download File size: 87 KB Conflict of Interest .pdf

Financial Reporting and Standing

  • Must file a district financial report with Little League International and distribute to all local leagues within the district.
    (As required in the DA handbook, District Administrators are required to submit a financial statement outline the financial activities of the previous year to leagues and Little League International.)

Updated Map Requirements

  • Must have signed and updated maps for all leagues within district on file at the regional office.
    (Regulation II is the cornerstone of the Little League program. It is vital to have updated maps for all leagues on file at the regional center.)