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Child Protection Program

All local Little Leagues are required to conduct background checks on managers, coaches, board of directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. Individuals are also required to complete and submit a Little League Volunteer Application to their local league. Select from the links below to learn more about this vital aspect of Little League’s mission.

  • pageLocal League Background Check Information - Little League International requires its member leagues to search the Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry and conduct a national criminal background check for each volunteer with regular service to the league or repetitive access to children. The First Advantage National Criminal File database that contains 281 million records, including criminal and sex offender registry records covering 50 states and the District of Columbia, meets the current regulation requirement. Leagues are encouraged to use the First Advantage website, but may also use alternate resources. However the alternate resources must equal or exceed the services provided by First Advantage. Little League strongly encourages all leagues to utilize the First Advantage national criminal records search available through the Little League website. And information on each state’s Sexual Offender Registry is available.
  • pageFirst Advantage Screening Solutions Background Check Tool - Local Leagues must conduct their own background check on the appropriate individuals annually. Criminal and Sex Offender Registry Search Tools are available to local Little Leagues from First Advantage. The First Advantage National Criminal File database contains more than 281 million records which include criminal records and sex offender registry records across 50 states and the District of Columbia. Click here to see a list of states covered. Note: As a reminder, First Advantage will reset your 125 free criminal background checks paid for by Little League International on Nov. 1st of each year. Note: Effective Nov. 1, 2013 the cost of additional background checks through First Advantage will cost $1.00 per check.

  • As always, Little League will continue to pass along information we believe will help you understand important issues within your league.
  • pageView State & Latest Information - See the most recent news about mandatory background checks and obtain information on each state's Sexual Offender Registry.
  • help iconFrequently Asked Questions about the new regulations.
  • FormDownload the New Little League Volunteer Application.
  • FormDownload the Returning Little League Volunteer Application.
  • On Little League University: Parents Guide to the Little League Child Protection Program

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