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2019 Little League Baseball World Series – August 15 – 25

Ride Sharing

Little League offers drop-off and pick up locations for attendees taking Uber, Lyft, and or Taxis.

Drop-Off and Pick Up Location

The designated drop-off and pick up location is at the gate 5 entrance. Please use the following GPS address:

617 E. Mountain Ave South Williamsport PA 17702

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While parking on our complex is free for the event, and courtesy shuttles are available from downtown, one of the concerns that has been brought up over the last couple of years has been the ability to get to our complex through ride-share services such as Uber, Lyft, and other taxi services with a single pick-up/drop-off location.

To help with this concern, and to ease the logistical flow for those vehicle services, for the 2018 Little League World Series we established a designated pick-up/drop-off location with GPS coordinates (617 E. Mountain Ave South Williamsport PA 17702) for these commercial services, located along the Mountain Avenue location near the bottom of our complex. This location was available for the first time during last year’s event; however we are planning a more aggressive and wider ranging effort to inform our 2019 visitors and ride share drivers even more about the designated location and how to access it.

Users of these ride share apps should connect with their drivers for information on the designated pick-up locations to ensure they are meeting at the proper place as well. At the location, there will be a tent set up for visitors to sit and wait for their ride share service in a comfortable, shaded area. Drivers of these ride-share organizations will be permitted a five-minute period in which they can wait for their patron to come to the vehicle. Once that allotment is expired, they will be asked to leave and return once the patron is at the pick-up location.

In order to help ensure safety and security of our approximately 400,000 guests, as well as the participants, staff, and volunteers who make the event what it is over the course of the 11-day event, vehicle access into the complex for anyone without a parking pass, or those partnered shuttles who have been pre-screened, is prohibited. Along with this, these ride share services will not be permitted to use the entrance along Route 15 as this is restricted for visitors to the World of Little League Museum and volunteer parking.

With that said, the designated pick-up/drop-off location that was established last year creates a one-stop location for both drivers and passengers that is close to the main entrance of the complex, a similar concept that is seen at many other major sporting events around the country, and is safely located away from the busy highway at the top of the complex.