Set – Out Mechanic

The “Set – Out” Mechanic uses the “Hands-On-Knees Set” Position and the “Out” Mechanic. If you have not watched the “Hands-On-Knees Set” Position and the “Out” Mechanic videos, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. The “Set – Out” Mechanic is primarily used by the Base Umpire to come set prior to making an “out” call so the play can be seen clearly. In this video, we will break down the “Set – Out” Mechanic.

If moving to get into position, come to a stop by first planting the left foot, then planting the right foot a little more than shoulder-width apart. From here, settle into a “Hands-on-Knees Set” position. Do not “hop” into position because you could slip and cause an injury. Once in the “Hands-on-Knees Set” Position, use the “Out” mechanic to make the call. lift the torso straight up. It is not necessary to bring the feet together during this movement. Then, raise the right hand up so the elbow is parallel to the ground and, in a “hammer” motion, move the forearm forward while closing the fist and simultaneously verbalizing, “Out”. Finish the mechanic by dropping the arm to the side.