Foul-Left Mechanic

The “Foul – Left” Mechanic is an extension of the “Hands-On-Knees Set” Position. If you have not watched the “Hands-On-Knees Set” Position video, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. The “Foul – Left” Mechanic is used by the Base Umpire in the A-Position when a ball is hit down the first base line and is touched after or passes first base in foul territory while remaining in front of the Base Umpire. In this video, we will break down the “Foul – Left” Mechanic, which is a two-part mechanic.

Beginning from the “Hands-on-Knees Set” Position, lift the torso straight up. It is not necessary to bring the feet together during this movement. Take one step to the right. This movement simulates straddling the line. Simultaneously, lift both arms together straight up in front of the body and level with the shoulders. Arms should be about shoulder-width apart. Wrists should be bent with the palms of the hands facing forward. Fingers on the hands should be closed with the thumb resting beside the index finger. At the same time, verbalize, “Foul”. Hold the arms in that position for a few seconds and then drop the arms to the sides.

For the second part of the mechanic, sharply extend your left arm out to the side and point with the index finger. The thumb should be down when pointing. Hold the arm and hand in that position for a few seconds and then drop the arm to the side. Head and eyes continue looking forward throughout the entire mechanic. Resist the urge to look at the arm and hand is it moves to the left.