Following a local league’s player selection meeting, there may be a situation where, for a variety of reasons, a player needs to be placed on a team other than the one he or she was originally selected to play for.

Little League’s official regulations allow for trades, however they can only be conducted AFTER the player selection meeting (draft), and before the 14th day of a league’s regular season. In order for a trade to be finalized, the managers of both teams, the league’s Player Agent, and the Board of Directors by a majority vote must all approve of the trade.

When considering a trade, the Board of Directors must decide if it is for justifiable reasons. The definition of “justifiable” is up to the local Little League’s Boards, and Little League® encourages Boards to follow the local league’s past precedent, while being transparent about the approval process.

Trades must be player for player only. Example: Two managers could trade players they have just drafted, pending the approval of the player agent and Board of Directors.

The Player Agent must monitor trades closely to prevent manipulation of the system.

There can be no trades between teams in separate charters or divisions. For example, a team in Downtown National Little League could not trade with a team in Downtown American Little League, even if both leagues are operated by one Board of Directors.

Trades can be useful tools in helping players and families have a more fun, meaningful Little League season, and leagues are encouraged to work with coaches on making sure all trades are in the best interest for all parties.